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Faraday Room

Boasting a flexible floorplan that offers numerous layouts, the room can also be connected with the neighbouring Boulton Room, for capacities of up to 80 people see Boulton/Faraday Room.

Whether U-shaped, boardroom, classroom, or theatre style, the room’s eye-catching wooden beams and large windows, typical of the Austin Court aesthetic, provide a sense of purpose and occasion for every event.

Nestled in the heart of Birmingham, supported by motorway links, direct public transport and car parking, the Faraday Room is not only flexible but highly accessible for delegates both near and far.

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This room is ideal for…

  1. Displays and small exhibitions
  2. Medium-sized meetings
  3. Training sessions
  4. Workshops
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What you get…

  1. Flexible layout options
  2. Spacious areas for exhibition stands
  3. Two adjoining spaces if needed
  4. Wi-Fi
  5. Landscaped garden views
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Explore the Faraday Room

The Faraday Room’s shape and size work well for small table top exhibitions and displays. Visitors will enjoy the courtyard views and natural flow the space encourages.

  • Ample room for table top stands
  • Easy access to reception and toilets
  • Courtyard views to create atmosphere
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lots of natural light to stimulate visitors 

If you need a larger exhibition space, consider also hiring the adjoining Boulton Room which would double your floorspace, or enquire about the much bigger Waterside Room.

The beauty of the Faraday Room is its flexibility. It works well for meetings when set up in either boardroom, classroom or theatre style formation. 

  • Wi-Fi
  • Natural light to maintain energy levels
  • Courtyard views to inspire the imagination
  • Variable seating options
  • Neutral décor ready for your branding

If you need a larger meeting space the adjoining Boulton Room can also be hired which will mean you can host up to 80 attendees. The Faraday room can also be used in conjunction with the Waterside Room which seats up to 150 delegates.

Creating an inspiring space for colleagues or clients is an important part of organising any event. The Faraday Room oozes charm and has the logistics covered too.

  • Flexible set up options
  • Wi-Fi
  • Natural light to stimulate attendees
  • Lots of space around seating
  • Views to inspire

If you need a larger space, remember, the interconnecting Boulton Room can be hired as well which will push your capacity up to 80 guests.


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Faraday Room hire costs

All prices exclude VAT.

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Maximum capacity

30 (Theatre)  

Day rate

(9am to 5pm)


Half day rate

(9am to 12.30pm or 1.30pm to 5pm)


Evening rate

(6pm to 9.30pm)


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Boulton Room   12   -   32   15   -   -   30   21  
Telford Room   18   -   50   40   50   -   60   24  

Did you know?

This room was named after Michael Faraday, celebrated for his discovery of electromagnetic induction which has today pioneered the modern electric motor and more.

Defined as ‘the greatest scientific lecture of his day’, Faraday was highly commended for his role in educating the public on cutting-edge science, making the iconic name acutely appropriate for an environment in which training, educational workshops, seminars, and more come to life.

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