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Sustainable events at Austin Court

In 2022, the IET achieved the silver Investors in the Environment Accreditation for the sustainable practices across the organisation, including IET Venues.

Here at Austin Court we also received a gold ECOsmart Accreditation, which is given to hotels and venues that show extensive measures taken to fully embrace environmental sustainability.

Read more about how Austin Court is acting for a sustainable future.

The IET Venues group are fully committed to reducing their impact on the environment and being more sustainable, as such IET Birmingham: Austin Court has adopted the following approach across all events. 

Sustainability is a hot topic in recent years as we become more aware of our environment and planet. But have you thought about how to incorporate this into your event?


  • We operate on-site water purification systems to eliminate unnecessary water bottle transportation and encourage staff and clients to refill their own reusable bottles.
  • We use conference pads made from recycled materials.
  • We promote our video conferencing facilities for both internal and external events to reduce unnecessary travel.
  • Whiteboards are placed in all meeting rooms to try and reduce the need for flipchart paper.
  • Clients are provided with water in reusable glass jugs or glass bottles which is bottled in-house.
  • Toilet tissue and hand towels are manufactured from recycled paper from FSC certified forests.
  • We have two electric vehicle charging points on site.

TCW's carbon calculator allows you to evaluate the level of greenhouse gas emissions associated with your travel to and from our venue. 


  • We rigorously turn off all lighting and air conditioning when not in use.
  • We use low-energy LED light bulbs across the building.
  • LED lights across a large proportion of the building are installed with motion sensors.
  • All large rooms have energy-efficient heating/cooling systems.
  • Toilets are fitted with low water systems and sensory taps are installed in the washrooms.
  • We use a BMS system (Building Management System) to monitor and control the building’s heating needs.
  • Equipment (such as photocopiers) are set to automatically standby when not in use.
  • Printers are set to automatically print double-sided.


  • We recycle all paper, glass, copier cartridges, and batteries.
  • All food waste is recycled and converted into renewable resources such as electricity, heat, and organic fertiliser.
  • Our on-site water purification machines are supplied with compostable cups and are recycled with our food waste.
  • Staff are reminded on a monthly basis to Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.


  • We offer a reduced price for chef’s choice menu in a bid to reduce waste.
  • We only use Fairtrade coffee.
  • 80% of all food suppliers can be found within a 30-mile radius.
  • All fish and seafood are MCS approved.
  • All meat is sourced from Grade A British Retail Consortium approved suppliers.
  • We only use free-range eggs, nothing from caged hens.
  • Edible waste food offered to staff to consume on site (due to health & safety it can’t be offered externally).

We are part of the Green Tourism Business Scheme as an indicator of our sustainable practices.