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Randall Room

With an LCD TV, state-of-the-art AV, and ample space for a buffet catering station, this room is a simple solution for meetings, interviews, roundtables, and training sessions.

A high, vaulted ceiling and original Georgian beams make the room feel spacious, with two additional nearby recess areas that work brilliantly as refreshment zones or presentation areas.

On the longest side of the room, three large windows flood the space with natural light and offer delegates up-close views of the canal.

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This room is ideal for…

  1. Boardroom meetings
  2. Interviews
  3. Small meetings
  4. Training sessions
  5. Workshops
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What you get…

  1. 42 inch LCD TV
  2. Beautiful period features
  3. Canal views
  4. Three large windows
  5. Wi-Fi
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Explore the Randall Room

If you’re looking for an intimate space full of character to hold a small boardroom meeting, the Randall Room offers organisers a unique option.

  • Clever floorplan with presentation and catering areas
  • Three large windows with canal views
  • 42 inch, LCD TV and Wi-Fi
  • Ample space for 10 attendees to sit in a boardroom style
  • Original beams and high ceiling which add character

The Randall Room offers a little bit more than a standard boardroom as its views and period features create an inspiring space to do business.

One of our smaller venues, the Randall Room offers organisers a quiet space for training and workshop sessions for up to 10 attendees.

  • 42 inch, LCD TV for presentations
  • Space for a tea, coffee and snack station
  • Lots of natural light to stimulate attendees
  • Canal views to ignite the imagination

The Randall Room is more than just a small meeting room. Its character creates an atmosphere which helps keep workshop and training session participants engaged throughout.

To get the best out of any interview candidate, you need to choose the right space in which to let them shine.

  • Intimate, private setting
  • Informal room with space to present
  • 42 inch, LCD TV
  • Canal views and large windows that create atmosphere

When set up in a boardroom style, the Randall Room offers plenty of space for interviewees to present through ideas in an informal, peaceful setting.


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Randall Room hire costs

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Maximum capacity

15 (Theatre)  

Day rate

(9am to 5pm)


Half day rate

(9am to 12.30pm or 1.30pm to 5pm)


Evening rate

(6pm to 9.30pm)


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Did you know?

This room is named after Sir John Turton Randall, a 20th century English physicist credited with the fundamental development of the cavity magnetron which was one of the keys to the Allied victory in WWII.

Randall also worked collaboratively with Harry Boot, after whom our Boot Room was named.

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