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Brindley Room

The smallest room at Austin Court is named after the trendy district in which the venue is situated. The intimate meeting space provides its guests with the perfect setting to hold interviews, round table discussions, or small meetings for up to 6 attendees.

As well as offering organisers a great, stand-alone meeting space, the Brindley Room also works well when used in conjunction with our other suites at much bigger events. The window floods the room with natural light helping keep attendees alert throughout your event.

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This room is ideal for…

  1. Small meetings
  2. Board meetings
  3. Interviews
  4. Round table discussions
  5. Team meetings
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What you get…

  1. In-built LCD TV
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Peace and quiet
  4. Refreshment area
  5. Intimate setting
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Explore the Brindley Room

Sometimes an off-site meeting is the only option, even it’s just for a handful of people. The Brindley Room offers a discreet, intimate space for you and your attendees.

  • In-built LCD TV and wi-fi
  • Refreshment area
  • Ample space for 6 guests
  • Lots of natural light to keep guests stimulated

The Brindley Room also offers a handy option if your larger event at Austin Court requires a small breakout area.

Give any interview candidate the chance to be their very best with the right environment in which to shine.

  • Privacy for candidates
  • Handy tea, coffee and snacks station
  • In-built LCD TV for presentations
  • Loads of natural light to keep everyone energised

As well as having all the facilities you need to conduct interviews, the Brindley Room also has lots of space around the seating area so no one feels hemmed in during the process.

Either as part of a larger event or as a stand-alone booking, the Brindley Room works well as a space to hold meetings for a small number of staff.

  • Professional yet intimate setting
  • Wall-mounted LCD TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Space to move around the seating area

Leaving the office is sometimes the only way to ensure the concentration and focus of your team. A change of scene is also a great way to encourage colleagues to approach things from a fresh perspective.


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Brindley Room hire costs

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Maximum capacity

9 (Theatre)  

Day rate

(9am to 5pm)


Half day rate

(9am to 12.30pm or 1.30pm to 5pm)


Evening rate

( 6pm to 9.30pm)


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