The benefits of venues with outdoor space

Here are our top reasons why we believe ticking the box ensures you’re always thinking outside it.

Stay safe and give people space

It has never been more important than now to ensure people’s health and safety. With Coronavirus measures in place such as social distancing and outdoor socialising only – having a venue with access to the outside has become a key aspect in event planning.

It’s important to make sure your guests feel comfortable when attending events, whether that means hiring rooms with fresh air circulation, break areas outside or hosting a completely outdoors event, these are all measures that must be taken into consideration.

At Austin Court, we have several rooms that are well ventilated with fresh air thanks to large doors that open to the outdoors. The Boulton Room leads directly out on our fantastic landscaped garden through large double doors, which is an outstanding feature within itself but provides that much-needed fresh air within the room.

Our Waterside Room is another event space that we would recommend, with double doors that open onto the canal. Think of it as Birmingham’s version of Venice!

During event breaks, your guests can wander around our Courtyard filled with plants and flowers – just a bonus to proving a safe place outside for people to go! Alternatively, centre your event around the Courtyard and plan a summer party or BBQ.

You can enjoy the good old British weather

We know it’s one of the most topical things to talk about in the U.K, but the weather doesn’t have to put you off booking a venue with outdoor space just in case you don’t use it.

Even on mild spring days or fresh autumn ones, it’s important to encourage guests to take some time away from being inside the four walls of your event space.

Booking a conference venue that accommodates this is always a good decision.

Not only does it provide you with a change of scene, but it clears heads, reinvigorates hard-working minds and brings a new sense of perspective to the proceedings.

There are more significant health reasons, too.

Fresh air helps our immune systems fight off disease more effectively and it also increases our serotonin production, meaning feel-good endorphins are released when we take a few deep breaths and really breathe.

Add to that improved heart health and higher energy levels, and you’re running out of reasons not to choose a venue with outside space. We do, however, have more.

Outside space can form part of your event 

Whatever the reason for your event or conference, the chances are you will always need a little extra space at some point throughout the day.

Across both of our venues, Savoy Place and Austin Court, we’ve hosted clients from so many industries and sectors, whether food and drink companies or even fashion houses, clients are always looking for something you don’t see every day.

The outside space we have at each venue is completely individual and often features heavily in their decisions.

It also works perfectly for clients looking to showcase something only outside space can provide – room for sports brands to launch their products, for example, or a brand to do a fashion shoot.

Perhaps you want to organise something physical, like a yoga class or a more upbeat team building activity. Hosting any of these things outside is essentially an extension of the venue.

The only difference is that instead of outside space being a ‘nice to have’ you can now use it to make the venue work harder for you.

It’s easily the most practical feature

There are lots of reasons using outside space can be far more practical than using the inside alternative.

For example, older listed buildings may have indoor rules and regulations, so outdoor functionality can solve those problems (think drinks receptions on a terrace as opposed to in a makeshift foyer).

Even during cooler climes, where the landscape takes on a different demeanour, an outdoor occasion is still as vibrant.

So next time you’re beginning the search for the perfect venue, put outside space at the top of the list; you’ll be ticking boxes for the guests, for your event and for your brain.

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