Four challenges for Birmingham event planners

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor party venue in Birmingham or the perfect space for a training event, you can minimise the challenges by choosing the right one.

Here we discuss some of your biggest challenges and the types of venues you need to look for to overcome them…

City traffic

Discuss Birmingham venues with your client and what may come to their mind is the spaghetti junction – a tangle of concrete roads, where they’ll either get lost or stuck in traffic.

And that’s before they even get into the city centre, where traffic can slow to crawl during rush hour.

Address your client’s concerns by giving them travel options.

For delegates who would prefer not to drive, are there quick and easy ways to get to the venue by other modes of transport?

Depending on where your delegates are coming from, there are three city-centre airports, buses and a tram which they could make use of.

Or if they’d prefer to avoid traffic altogether, can they easily walk to the venue from the station?


With traffic and built-up areas come parking problems. Most Birmingham city centre venues don’t offer car parks.

Instead look for a venue that offers a nearby car park, with reasonable parking charges. IET Birmingham: Austin Court provides recommended parking at Arena Birmingham, which is next door and competitively priced.

Also at Austin Court, you needn’t worry about a parking space, as we reserve a complimentary space at our onsite carpark for event planners.


Birmingham is near enough to London for it to be a competitor. The UK’s capital can turn potential clients’ heads with its huge range of attractions – nearby restaurants, shops, culture and entertainment venues.

Make your clients aware of what Birmingham has to offer by showing them a venue that has plenty of nearby attractions.

You know Birmingham’s selling points better than most – from its five Michelin star restaurants and famous ‘Balti Triangle’ to its superb City Art Gallery and pop-up Flatpack Film Festival.

Make sure you stress that delegates will be able to enjoy these without having to pay London prices too!

The ‘concrete jungle’ myth

You may be dealing with clients (or potential clients) who are clinging to the image of 1960s Birmingham – a ‘concrete jungle’ of ugly buildings, congested roads, and abandoned industrial areas.

Show these clients the real, modern Birmingham by offering a venue at the very heart of the city’s regeneration projects.

A venue like IET Birmingham: Austin Court, for example, is one of several modern developments along the canalside and one of the best outdoor party venues Birmingham has to offer. A tour with a potential client will take them out by the waterside, where you can point them to nearby restaurants, bars, green spaces, and shopping centres.

What challenges are you facing as a Birmingham event planner?

Overcome them by hiring IET Birmingham: Austin Court for your event.

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