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How Austin Court can help you plan a multi-day event

IET Birmingham: Austin Court can advise and help event planners with all the issues around planning an event and aid with multi-day events on issues ranging from what hotels to use nearby, to ensuring live streaming if a hybrid event is required.

Help planning your event

Planning an event on your own can be time-consuming, tedious and you run the risk of missing important decisions and missing out on options you never knew were available.

Choosing a venue that can aid and advise during the planning phase and beyond can reduce the time spent planning and allow you to focus on important decisions regarding your event such as the programme and inviting keynote speakers.

IET Birmingham: Austin Court is one such venue that can help plan your event to ensure it is a success not only for you but also for your delegates.

Talking to our event coordinators at an early point in your event planning can make sure the right rooms are booked for your event allowing sufficient room for delegates. Whilst ensuring rooms close to your main event space will allow seamless movement of delegates to areas set aside for catering and potential breakout rooms.

Choosing the right catering can also be an area where planners can be daunting. Talking to your venue can often provide solutions to issues especially if you are providing lunch catering whilst hoping your delegates will be able to network without feeling encumbered by food and drink. A good venue will also be able to tailor your catering requirements to cover any dietary issues your delegates may have.

Ensure your event is live streamed

Since COVID 19 live streaming of events, or hybrid events, have become more popular than ever but there are a number of other benefits that you may not be aware of that can improve the success of your event.

Whilst live streaming events over the web can deliver your message to a wider audience, at Austin Court you can also live stream your event to a number of different smaller rooms allowing you to control the number of people in any area.

This can be useful if your attendees want to attend in person yet are concerned about being in one big conference room altogether and allows for breakout sessions to continue seamlessly without people having to move from one room to another.

Alternatively, hybrid events can also reduce the number of rooms needed if most of your delegates will be accessing your event remotely. This will allow you to control costs and reduce your overheads by reducing the number of rooms needed and catering required.

At Austin Court, our AV capabilities are second to none and we have a dedicated in-house AV team to offer a variety of packages to suit any need.

So, whether you’re looking for a simple audio conference package, to live streaming a speaker from the venue to your audience, you’ll know your event is in safe hands with our experienced team.

We can also work with you to offer bespoke solutions to fit your needs and requirements.

Provide advice on local hotels

Choosing an excellent venue to host your multi-day event is essential but where are your delegates going to stay if they are travelling long distances?

If you plan to recommend a number of hotels nearby for your delegates are you sure that they are within walking distance or are they of sufficient quality to reflect the aims and goals of your conference?

Austin Court can offer advice on any number of hotels in Birmingham city centre to fit both your budget and ensure your delegates are able to access the venue quickly and sustainably.

With outdoor space to help delegates relax

Situated in the middle of Austin Court is a secluded outdoor event space that can be used with our bespoke lecture theatre and other rooms to offer a fantastic reception package.

The Courtyard offers a quiet outdoor space allowing guests to move between both rooms. Not only does it provide you with a change of scene, but it clears heads, reinvigorates hard-working minds, and brings a new sense of perspective to the proceedings.

Nowadays with some people still nervous about enclosed face-to-face events, the Courtyard allows an open-air extension of the venue without moving off-site, allowing people to ‘escape’ for some fresh air whilst still being able to network.

At Austin Court instead of outside space being a ‘nice to have’ you can now use it to make the venue work harder for you.

Central location near key transport hubs

Having a centrally located venue, such as Austin Court which sits in the centre of Birmingham, will ensure that delegates can reach their destination via public transport.

Guests and even staff from the venue on the day of your event will then be able to catch a train, tram, bus or even walk – cutting back on your event’s carbon footprint!

In a post-covid world, encourage attendees to carpool instead of travelling privately, provide a shuttle bus service if you know lots of your guests are travelling to and from a certain place, or even use an incentive to persuade people to commute to the venue more sustainably.

For those with electric cars, who do need to drive to the event, source a venue with EV charging points on-site or nearby.

Got some spare time in the evening?

So, you have your event planned at Austin Court over a few days. What about keeping your delegates entertained in the evenings or if they have some spare time during the day?

Centrally located in Birmingham, Austin Court is ideally situated near many famous and not-so-famous areas of interest.

Look at our blog showing a number of attractions nearby and some a bit further afield that your delegates may like to visit whilst staying in Birmingham.

Austin Court is also able to provide a number of local restaurants and bars that your delegates may want to visit in order to relax during their free time outside your conference.