Angie Devi miaList nomination

The miaList recognises inspiring individuals who go above and beyond in their role and play a pivotal role in the organisation so successful – which Angie certainly does!

Angie has been at Austin Court for 17 years, starting as an administrator and working her way up to Venue Manager before going on maternity leave.

This makes her a great team player as she is well versed in the detail of each role and is therefore very relatable.

She has been involved with recruitment, training, mentoring, and major refurbishment projects at the venue, alongside achieving her annual sales targets successfully each year.

Her professionality has been integral for our high-profile events with speakers such as David Cameron, Theresa May, and David Blunkett.

She has the strongest relationships and five clients have stayed loyal to Angie and Austin Court for the whole 17 years she has been here.

Angie always puts the customer first and does everything in her power to create a successful event, she always goes above and beyond to secure business and keep clients happy.

For example, we had to outsource a Christmas party booking to another venue as we could no longer accommodate, but rather than handing the business over and washing her hands of it, Angie made the decision to coordinate the event as duty manager despite it no longer being held with us.

The client was so impressed with the organisation and commitment shown by Angie that they immediately rebooked their next party at Austin Court.

Keep your fingers crossed for Angie to secure a place in this year’s roll of honour, which will be announced on 4 December 2020!